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IT Support & Admin

We love computing and technology, from the bits and bytes to the web and cloud. SilverCitrus can provide your small-medium business with a dedicated, responsive IT team or help your enterprise with highly skilled professionals to augment your current IT staff.


Web Design

The modern web is our playground. SilverCitrus has designers and developers to create beautiful designs, choose the best development infrastructure, and fully implement your website with modern techniques such as responsive design and social media integration. From corporate sites to blogs to e-commerce, we have a solution for you.


Software Dev

SilverCitrus is a full service software development firm offering custom software solutions by skilled computer scientists, for your tough problems. We are business professionals ourselves and can help develop ideas with our experience filled, passionate, and detail oriented approach.


UI/UX Design

At SilverCitrus we study, design, create, and really care about user interfaces and experiences. Our UI/UX experts can help your storyboarding and visual flow process across different mediums. Our web design, programming, and IT knowledge base can get through the complexity of things, giving your users the simplicity needed to connect with your content.


Tech Training

Our extensive IT, programming, and software knowledge are something we strive to share. SilverCitrus can help your team's productivity and flow by creating custom hardware and software training programs and getting everyone up to date through patient, inviting, and clear instruction and mentoring.


Technology solutions serving the needs of businesses nationwide. SilverCitrus offers IT administration and technology productivity, website design, programming, and product development. We provide turn-key solutions to satisfy all technological needs utilizing the most sophisticated and latest technologies.

Responsive Website Design

Increasingly the primary access point to your website is becoming mobile devices first. SilverCitrus is committed to mobile, tablet, and desktop web experiences alike, incorporating responsive design as common practice now in every new website we develop. So regardless of what screen your visitor uses, your website will look just right, from screen edge to screen edge.

IT Administration Services

The SilverCitrus philosophy is that we are NOT just another random geek dispatched to your door. We know that your IT professional, like your doctor, needs to know you and your technology, recall a history of support events, proactively anticipate your needs, and provide customized solutions appropriate for you and your business.

Content and Data Solutions

If you have rich content in the form of, but not limited to: detailed numerical data, scientific results, technical documents, or any content or data that you need help to visually organize, interpret, and convey, SilverCitrus can help you effectively develop multi-medium data-driven widgets and content delivery systems.

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