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About Us

About Us

SilverCitrus - a technology solutions company serving businesses nationwide.

We employ the very latest technologies and continually assess the technology needs for new and prevalent organizations. Our solutions range from IT administration and technology productivity to website design, programming, and product development.

Our mission is to build close relationships with our clients and help them meet all of their technological needs with the most efficient, direct, and professional approach. Our business generates our business so service and quality are our foremost priorities.

SilverCitrus' Portfolio page will show you samples of the types of work we do. Every client is unique and we guarentee white glove treatment for each account.


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Nima Nekoui
Lead Technologist, CEO

Nima Nekoui received his BS in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego. Having always had a passion for technology and an incredible curiosity for cutting edge, Nima has a very comprehensive knowledge of software, hardware, electronics, and computing in general. Nima leads all the technology solutions and projects at SilverCitrus and is the primary developer and architect of the SilverCitrus custom software library. Until very recently Nima was a mathematics and logics (GMAT/GRE prep) instructor for over six years at the American Language Institute at San Diego State University. Nima is fluent in English and Farsi (Persian). When there is free time, Nima pretends to be a musician or enjoys reading, watching, and learning about the passions of people around the world.

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Fred Rad
IT Consultant

Fred Rad has over 15 years of hands on IT consulting and experience and has worked full time on the IT team of a large real estate brokerage, serving the IT needs of 12 offices and over 650 agents in the Los Angeles region. He has extensive knowledge of computer systems and telecommunication infrastructures. He brings his vast knowledge and support as an IT consultant to the SilverCitrus team primarily helping with support of Los Angeles based clients. Fred loves listening to music and gaming on the computer in his free time, that is when he isn't spending precious moments with his family and new born son Aaron.

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Matt Jacobus
Graphic Artist

Matt graduated in 2012 from the University of California Santa Cruz with a BA in art. His education was supplemented with years of personal study and practice as a cartoonist. He has worked on numerous personal projects, including producing his own webcomics from the ground up, designing website graphics, building and animating video games, and writing. Matt assists at SilverCitrus with additional art assets for websites and other content. He specializes in hand drawn cartoons and 2D animation. In his free time Matt enjoys video games and reading comics, as well as drawing and improving his craft.