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SilverCitrus is founded by computer science and IT specialists that are experts in technology consulting. With our experience and knowledge of how computers, data systems, and technology infrastructures work, we can help your business improve what it does and how it works with technology.

Web Design

Our Approach

SilverCitrus has a philosophy of delivering high-quality, easy to use, modern websites. We are always expanding and maintaining our code base and keeping up with the newest browser capabilities, design trends, and best practices. We believe that the internet is always evolving and the design of the internet is changing with the constant introduction of new technologies and by the creative innovations of leading companies and open source communities. SilverCitrus stays ahead by always researching, improving, and re-mastering everything we do.

E-Commerce and PCI Compliance

There are thousands of variables and decisions that go into developing and choosing a solid, secure, and effective e-commerce solution. Whether the solution is for a single item product, a diverse and large inventory, or a subscription/membership service, SilverCitrus can help put your online sales in motion. Also, when it comes to accepting credit cards and choosing merchant services, it is critical to build a secure website and to follow industry mandated standards. PCI compliance is an information security standard for managing credit cards. SilverCitrus can help you be PCI compliant and build a safe and secure system for you and your customers.

Collaboration and Knowledge Management Systems

When a company or group is working on a project and developing knowledge, SilverCitrus can help to establish protocols, systems, and tools to enhance the integrity of the knowledge base and increase the efficiency of the archiving process, to help foster the knowledge. Whether it is a file sharing system, a bug management system, or intranet wiki, SilverCitrus has a solution for you.

Software Development

SilverCitrus Software Development Process

SilverCitrus is a full service software development firm offering custom software solutions and skilled computer scientists to solve your tough problems. We are business professionals ourselves and can help develop ideas with our experience filled, passionate, and detail oriented approach.

SilverCitrus will design and develop software that is specific to your business model. Often is the case where off-the-shelf software does not meet all your needs and compromises are a result. We will conduct an exhaustive requirements and needs analysis to determmine the goals and purposes of the software. The SilverCitrus team will design the user interface and the basic architecture. Our graphic designers, interface developers, and programmers, will all be involved in your software design.

Protoyping is naturally part of the SilverCitrus process where we will continue to demonstrate the software. We conduct a series of Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions with you, providing opportunities to review progress on a regular basis. Once complete, you will have absolute familiarity with the product. Updates, upgrades and enhancement are all considerations that are addressed from the onset of the project.

We apply a standard software development life cycle that includes the following steps:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Custom Client Portals

Are you a real estate company wanting to give your clients password protected access to their home documents or a guitar teacher wanting to create a private learning space for your music students? Whatever type of solution you think you need, SilverCitrus can help you brainstorm, plan, and develop the custom tool needed for you to interact with your clients.

Database Driven Websites and Applications

Data drives everything on the dynamic internet. Do you have data sets that needs a management system? Maybe you're keeping a drive full of spreadsheets that only a few people in your company know how to manage. SilverCitrus can organize and create a system for your database.

IT Administration

SilverCitrus is introducing IT support through our new BeMyIT service, a fresh new solution aimed at helping businesses, home offices, and individuals whose IT and tech support needs range from occasional to consistent. The BeMyIT philosophy is that we are NOT just another random geek dispatched to your door. We know that your IT professional, like your doctor, needs to know you and your technology, recall a history of support events, proactively anticipate your needs, and provide customized solutions appropriate for you and your business. Your BeMyIT support provider will anticipate the business’s IT needs and expectations.

Subscription Packages

We know that many businesses realize the benefits of regular IT support. To give these businesses a more customized and prioritized service experience, we offer monthly support subscription packages with included hours at a significant discount to our standard onsite and remote hourly rates. Subscribers will also benefit from discounts on services and hourly rates beyond those included with their package. In addition to cost savings across the board, subscribers will also receive a complimentary Quarterly Scheduled Maintenance and Total Computer Assessment on 1, 2, or 3 computers based on the package. Subscribers will be able to make most remote appointments within 48 hours and onsite appointments within 72 hours.

Hourly Support

Our hourly services are divided into three rate levels: remote, onsite, and urgent support.

  • Remote support - scheduled times where your BeMyIT professional logs into your computer and provides support without coming out to the physical location.
  • Onsite support - scheduled times where your BeMyIt professional visits your physical location.
  • Urgent support - If you are experiencing an IT emergency that requires same day priority.

Please call for most up-to-date support rates.

À la Carte Services

Beyond our subscription packages and hourly rates, BeMyIT recognizes that individuals and businesses sometimes have only occasional support needs. For these cases, we have created à la carte pricing for our most common remote, onsite, and pickup/drop off services. These services allow you to know the cost of the service you are getting exactly, regardless of how long the problem takes to resolve.

UI/UX Services

SilverCitrus offers a wide range of services in software interface and design. We troubleshoot, engineer, and resolve the challenges that human factors present to the usability of devices and software. A problematic interface can waste time, especially in repetitive tasks. If you need a strategic approach to improve your systems usability, the SilverCitrus team are your UI/UX experts.

We are a team of talented and experienced UX/UI Designers that contribute to our clients continued success. We are responsible for the delivery of product enhancements and change requests relating to our Client's platform and associated app products. SilverCitrus UI/UX team provides services that include whole development/design lifecycle from requirements capture and specification through to implementation.

Our experienced designers have a passion and natural talent to understand the entire user journey - what makes people tick.

Our Secret Formula

Our proven track record within high-growth technology driven organizations coupled with strong technical and communication skills, enables us to fulfill the highest demands of all our clients.

By becoming a SilverCitrus client, you partner with an A-class UI/UX team. This is who We are:

  • Designers with strong backgrounds in designing user interfaces particularly in a web and app environment.
  • Designers with a flair for web/app design.
  • Designers with solid experience with design tools including Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator and more.
  • Designers with excellent knowledge of usability and coding practices for accessibility.
  • Designers with strong problem solving skills.
  • Designers with exposure to patterns, practices and agile methodologies.

Training and Education

So... SilverCitrus has succesfully created and launched your website or we may have designed your custom software and we may have set you up on the path of independant maintenance - now what? What's next?

Fear not - SilverCitrus provides in depth training in all aspects of website maintenance to ensure you will be 100% confident in updating and editing your website. SilverCitrus will design training and educational sessions to suit your needs and we will conduct these sessions on site or remotely depending on your preference.

SilverCitrus will also provide you with the necessary documentation and any other reference materials you will require to use or maintain your website or software.

Remember - SilverCitrus is just a phone call away, so help is always near!

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